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Title Culture Shock Added6/17/2004 
Description A basic article on the concept of culture shock and how it may affect Youth Exch 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCulture Shock.doc 
Title Outstanding District Award Application 2011 Added12/10/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentNAYEN Outstanding District Application 2011.doc 
Title 2007 YE Preconvention meeting Findings Added9/24/2007 
Description The official findings of the 2007 YE Pre-Convention Meeting in Salt Lake City. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Fri Workshop A.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop A.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop A.pdf 
Title Fri Workshop B.doc Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop B.doc 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop B.doc 
Title Fri Workshop B.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop B.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop B.pdf 
Title Fri Workshop C.doc Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop C.doc 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop C.doc 
Title Fri Workshop C.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop C.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop C.pdf 
Title Access to all 2013 NAYEN Conference Presentations Added3/19/2013 
Description This is the direct link to all presentations at the 2013 NAYEN Conference in Orlando, Florida 
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DocumentIndex of Presentations at the 2013 NAYEN Conference.doc 
Title Reservation form for YEO Preconvention Tour, Lisbon 2013 Added12/7/2012 
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DocumentReservation form YEO TOUR LISBON1.docx 
Title Pre-convention YEO Tour 2013, Lisbon Added12/7/2012 
Description Information about the YEO Pre-convention Tour in Lisbon in 2013 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Title Terxt of speech: TRaining as the Key to Quality Improvement in Youth Exchange - Added8/31/2013 
Description Word for word text of the speech on Training and Quality Improvement in YE given at EEMA 2013. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentText - Training as the Key to Quality Improvement.doc 
Title Training: The Key to Quality Improvement in Youth Exchange Added8/31/2013 
Description Powerpoint presentation by Dennis White at EEMA 2013 
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DocumentTraining The Key To Quality Improvement.ppt 
Title 2012 Pre-convention Findings Report Added7/25/2012 
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Document2012 Pre-Convention Findings.doc 
Title Confronting Ethnocentrism Added5/3/2012 
Description Powerpoint presentation by Dennis White delivered at the YEO Pre-convention meeting in Bangkok 
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DocumentConfronting Ethnocentrism bangkok v2.ppt 
Title The Homebound Syndrome Added3/1/2012 
Description Powerpoint presentation by Dennis White at the 2012 NAYEN confernce 
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DocumentThe Homebound Syndrome v 2.ppt 
Title Friday - CBC Kalter.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday - CBC Kalter.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday - CBC Kalter.pps 
Title Friday - CBC Kalter.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday - CBC Kalter.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday - CBC Kalter.ppt 
Title Friday CBC Kalter.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday CBC Kalter.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday CBC Kalter.pdf 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.pdf 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.pps 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.ppt 
Title Friday Viana.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Viana.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Viana.pps 
Title Friday Viana.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Viana.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Viana.ppt 
Title Remarks by Arne Jensen Added11/24/2007 
Description Remarks by Arne Jensen at the 27th Brazilian YEO Meeting, Nov. 16, 2007 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentArne Jensen Remarks.doc 
Title 28th Annual Brazilian Youth Exchange conference Added4/11/2008 
Description Web site for all information related to the 28th annual YEO Conference, Manaus, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title 2008 YEO Preconvention Program Added5/29/2008 
Description Program for the 2008 YEO Preconvention meeting June 12-14, 2008, Los Angeles. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document2008 YEO Preconvention Meeting Program.pdf 
Title The Rebound Experience Added1/22/2012 
Description Presentation about helping Rebounds and their Parents 
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DocumentComing Home - The Rebound Experience.ppt 
Title Coming Home Added7/11/2011 
Description Power Point presentation to rebound Parents and Students at the CSRYE Summer Conference, July 2011 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentComing Home - The Rebound Experience 07-07-11.ppt 
Title You, Inc. by John Anstey Added6/20/2009 
Description Motivational speech delivered by John Ansey at the 2009 YEO Pre-convention Meeti 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentJohn Anstey final version.ppt 
Title Findings for NAYEN Conference 2009 Added7/1/2009 
Description All presentations made at the conference in Montreal 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
Title Text for the Powerpoint Added5/2/2010 
Description Text for the speech given at the TRYEX Seminar, Taiwan, April 2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Rotary Youth Exchange Experience text.doc 
Title Text of speech on Understanding Cultural Differences, Australia Added10/8/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Documenttext for Understanding Cultural Values, Australia.doc 
Title 2010-2011 NAYEN District Achievement Awards Added12/3/2010 
Description Form to complete to qualify for a 2010-2011 NAYEN District Achievement Award, to 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document20102011NAYEN achievement awards.pdf 
Title Confronting Ethnocentrism Added7/11/2011 
Description Power Poiunt presentation for Outbound Students and Parents at the CSRYE Summer Conference 2011 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentConfronting Ethnocentrism CSRYE 7-7-11.ppt 
Title Program for 2011 Pre-convention meeting Added5/9/2011 
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Document2011_YEO Preconvention Meeting Program_FOR DISTRIBUTION2.pdf 
Title Pre- YEO Meeting Tour Sydney, May 2014 Added8/23/2013 
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DocumentSydney Pre Tour Flyer & Itinerary.pdf 
Title Shirt order form Added4/24/2014 
Description Order form for shirts for YEO pre-con meeting, Sydney 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentShirt Order Form1.pdf 
Title Long Term Effects of Youth Exchange Added5/27/2014 
Description Speech given by Dennis White at the YEO Pre-convention meeting, Sydney, 2014 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentLong Term Effects of Youth Exchange - Sydney 2014.doc 
Title Long Term Effects of Youth Exchange Added5/27/2014 
Description Power Point presentation that goes with speech by Dennis White 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentLong Term Effects5-18-14.ppt 
Title Pre-YEO Meeting Tour Brasil 2015 Added10/25/2014 
Description A tour for before the 2015 Pre-convention YEO Meeting in Brasil. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentPreConvention Tour Program 2.pdf 
Title Post Convention Tour, 2015, Brasil Added10/25/2014 
Description A post 2015 convention tour in Brasil for YEOs 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentProgram Pos Convention 2015.pdf