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Title Going Home Added6/17/2004 
Description A brief article describing the issues that may face students as they return to t 
RelevanceAll Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGoing Home.doc 
Title Seven Lessons We Can Learn Added6/17/2004 
Description A short presentaton of seven lessons that can usually be presented for discussio 
Relevanceall Updated12/30/2010 
Documentseven lessons we can learn.doc 
Title The Middle Wave of Culture Shock Added6/17/2004 
Description For Youth Exchange students arriving in August, There is a potentially dificult 
RelevanceAll Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Middle Wave of Culture Shock.doc 
Title Survival Kit For Overseas Living Added6/17/2004 
Description A classic text for anyone from America going to live, study or work in another c 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Intercultural Press Added7/12/2004 
Description One of the most comprehensive sources of books, videotapes and exercises in inte 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/30/2010 
Title Understanding American Cultural Values Added11/8/2004 
Description Slides from a Powerpoint presentation explaining American Cultural Values. This 
Relevanceanyone Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentAmerican VAlues.ppt 
Title Outbound Research Project Outline for D. 5020 Added4/1/2008 
Description The specific requirements in outline form, for required Outbound Research Projec 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Added6/20/2005 
Description Text of speech given by Dennis White at the YEO Pre-Convention meeting, 6/17/05, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural Differences - YEO Preconference.doc 
Title Understanding Culltural Differences Added6/20/2005 
Description Power Point Slides for Speech given by Dennis White at the YEO Pre-Convention Me 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Documentunderstanding cultural differences.ppt 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Text of Speech Added9/3/2005 
Description Text of the speech on Understanding Cultural differences by Dennis White, delive 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural differences eema.doc 
Title Club Interview: Students Added10/30/2005 
Description An interview form used by District 5080, parts of Washington, Idaho and British 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Document2.5 Club Interview - Students.doc 
Title Club Interview: Parents Added10/30/2005 
Description An interview form used by District 5080, parts of Washington, Idaho and British 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Document2.6 Club Interview - Parents.doc 
Title Club Interview: Rating Scale Added10/30/2005 
Description An interview form rating scale used by District 5080, parts of Washington, Idaho 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Document2.7 Club Interview Rating.doc 
Title Outbound Guide - What Happens Next? Added3/4/2008 
Description A guide from selection to departure for outbound students and parents 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentWhat Happens Next.doc 
Title Understanding American Cultural Values Added3/21/2006 
Description Powerpoint presentation by Dennis White made at the WCSS/IEC Convention, Madison 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentAmerican Culural VAlues 03-20-06.ppt 
Title Understanding Culture differences in Mexico Added6/2/2007 
Description Contains a brief explanation of the diffrerent Cultures that exist in Mexico 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Some Films That Present Differences In Cultural Values Added1/18/2007 
Description A partial list of popular films that depict varous aspects of cultural differenc 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSome Films That Present Differences in Cultural Values.doc 
Title District YE Chair Locator Added2/6/2007 
Description Click on the link which will take you to the RI web page and the District Youth 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDistrict YE Chair Locator.doc 
Title Keys To Success as an Exchange Student Added8/17/2006 
Description A brief Power Point presentation from District 6970 that might serve as a nice w 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title Sample New Generations Application Added10/23/2006 
Description This document is a sample New Generations Application, modified from the standar 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Outbound Student Promise - Long term Added12/15/2006 
Description Outbound Students Promise to comply with the five D's and other rules 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRevised Outbound Promise Form-Long Term Exchange.doc 
Title Outbound Student Promise - Short term Added12/15/2006 
Description Outbound Student Promise to follow the five D's and other rules 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRevised Outbound Promise Form-Short Term Exchange.doc 
Title  Added2/6/2007 
Description We often refer to the  
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentYE - Discussion Topics for RBs and Parents 070205rev.doc 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences DVD Added3/12/2007 
Description A 40-minute DVD featuring Dr. Dennis White. The DVD is a presentation recorded a 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural Difference DVD.doc 
Title Keys to Success.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Keys to Success.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title Y tu crees saberlo todo? Added1/23/2013 
Description This documentis very helpful to motivate potential Outbounds 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentY tu crees saberlo todo.pptx 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Added5/2/2008 
Description Powerpoint given at District 5580 District Governor's Conference, Dickinson, Nor 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding cultural differences 4-a.ppt 
Title Tips on Language Learning from D. 5020 Added4/1/2008 
Description Helpful suggestions on learning another language. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Outbound Financial Agreement Added9/8/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document(FA) Financial Agreement Outbound 2010-11, v3.8.doc 
Title Outbound Exchange Student, Definition Added9/13/2010 
Description Definition of an Outbound Student used by D 5010. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentOutbound Exchange Student Descr..doc 
Title Post Exchange Eval Survey - Host Family Added11/10/2009 
Description Survey form for Host Families to complete following an exchange 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentHost Family EVAL frm 09.doc 
Title Post Exchange Eval Survey - Parents of Outbounds Added11/10/2009 
Description Provides feedback from Parents of Outbounds about YE experience from their persp 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentParents EVAL frm 09.doc 
Title Post Exchange Eval Survey - Returning Outbounds Added11/10/2009 
Description Provides feedback from Outbound students about their exchange year 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentReturn Outbnd EVAL frm 09.doc 
Title YE Student Early Termination Agreement Added11/12/2009 
Description Provides release for Hosting District from responsibility/liability for students 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentStudent Early Termination.doc 
Title Guidelines from RI regarding Exchange Agreements Added12/15/2009 
Description RI Code of Policies and suggested guidelines for developing exchange agreements 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentRI suggestions.pdf 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Australia Added10/8/2010 
Description Powerpoint of presentation on cultural differeniaces presented at Australian YEO 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Documentucd aus final long.ppt 
Title Powerpoint to Assist Clubs with YE Added9/16/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentPowerpoint to assist clubs with YE.ppt 
Title Generic Host Family Application Added11/23/2010 
Description From SCRYE 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Family Application Multi NAYEN 11_20_10 Fill-in.pdf 
Title Recruiting Outbounds Added2/11/2011 
Description PPT presentation by Vicki Dilley at NAYEN Conference 2011 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentPowe Point to NAYEN in Sacramento, 2-11.ppt 
Title YE Camp Guidelines Added4/21/2011 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentCamp.Guideline Final Version.doc