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Title Culture Shock Added6/17/2004 
Description A basic article on the concept of culture shock and how it may affect Youth Exch 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCulture Shock.doc 
Title Going Home Added6/17/2004 
Description A brief article describing the issues that may face students as they return to t 
RelevanceAll Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGoing Home.doc 
Title How Have I Changed Added6/17/2004 
Description An excellent worksheet adapted from an AFS document designed to help Rebound/Rot 
RelevanceAll Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentHow Have I Changed.doc 
Title Cultural Diversity Permission Slip Added6/17/2004 
Description A simple statement of principle that can be used as Youth Exchange students begi 
Relevanceanyone Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCultural Diversity Permission Slip.doc 
Title One World ... or Many? Added6/17/2004 
Description A presentation of the concept of developing intercultural sensitivity by moving 
Relevanceall Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentOne World or Many.doc 
Title Finding and Retaining Host Families Added3/28/2007 
Description This is a description of a highly successful method of finding and retaining hos 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentFinding and Retaining Host Families.doc 
Title Developing Intercultural Sensitivity Added3/21/2006 
Description Powerpoint presentation made by Dennis White to WCSS/IEC Convention, Madison, Wi 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Documentdev interc sensit non Rotary.ppt 
Title Rotary International Youth Exchange Web Site Added6/17/2004 
Description This is the main, official web site maintained by R.I. in Evanston. It contains 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/30/2010 
Title Developing Intercultural Sensitivity Added6/19/2004 
Description A Power Point presentation from the USA Canada Network conference 2004 in Vancou 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentDeveloping Intercultural Sensitivity.ppt 
Title Rotary Youth Registry Added6/29/2004 
Description People who have shared experiences and adventures, yet have never met, now will 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/30/2010 
Title Host Family Recruitment Added7/4/2004 
Description The successful recruitment of qualified host families is a constant, ongoing pro 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
Title District 5010 West Coast Tour Added3/24/2007 
Description Opportunities for Inbound's Summer Trips 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentDistrict 5010 West Coast Tour.doc 
Title Survival Kit For Overseas Living Added6/17/2004 
Description A classic text for anyone from America going to live, study or work in another c 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Intercultural Press Added7/12/2004 
Description One of the most comprehensive sources of books, videotapes and exercises in inte 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/30/2010 
Title Yeotalk Guidelines Added3/15/2005 
Description Guidelines for using Yeotalk, including the purpose of the group, how to sign up 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentYeotalk rules.doc 
Title Cultural Diversity: Training the Trainers Added1/26/2007 
Description Powerpoint presentation on Training YEOs to train others in understanding Cultur 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentTraining the TRainers 2.ppt 
Title Rotary Youth Exchange Tours Added3/21/2005 
Description A comprehensive web site listing Rotary Youth Exchange Tours in all regions of t 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Inbound Orientation in D4550 Added11/21/2007 
Description James Riordan, Inbound YEO, outlines inbound orientation in D4550 
Relevance Updated12/20/2010 
DocumentStrangers in a Strange Land.ppt 
Title Build A Tower Added6/24/2009 
Description This is a simple, engaging and entertaining exercise to make participants more a 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentBuild a Tower Culture Exercise with facilitation directions.doc 
Title Does RYE Have a Mission Statement? Added11/21/2007 
Description What's required in a Mission Statement and what RYE's is 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDoes RYE have a Mission Statement.ppt 
Title Building A Snowman: How to Start A Youth Exchange Program Added7/11/2005 
Description A Powerpoint presenttion about strating a Youth Exchange Program by Paige Weting 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentSnow Man.ppt 
Title Simulation Scripts for Cross Cultural Activities Added2/20/2006 
Description An Exercise with sample scripts for cross-cultural simulations. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentCross-cultural simulation scripts.doc 
Title Six Phases of Debriefing Simluations Added2/21/2006 
Description Discussion guidelines for debriefing simulations and other games. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSix Phases of Debriefing.doc 
Title Simulation Resources Added2/21/2006 
Description A list of simulation games related to cultural understaning, including sources, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSimulation Games.doc 
Title YE Brochure 2007 Added7/28/2007 
Description A YE Brochure from Central States and District 6330. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title American Cultural Values at CSRYE Summer Conference 07 Added7/13/2007 
Description Powerpoint presentation of a lecture on American Cultural Values given by Dennis 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentAmerican Culural VAlues csrye o7.ppt 
Title New Host Family Application (Dist 6970) Added3/27/2006 
Description An example of a redesigned Host Family Application, including information and re 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Games, Simulations and Other Training Exercises Added1/18/2007 
Description A Powerpoint Presenttion on games and other simulations, all relating to cross-c 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGames, Simulations and Other Learning Exercises.ppt 
Title Custody Protection Document Added1/15/2007 
Description We require this form from students whose parents are divorced, or any situation 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCustody Protection - generic.doc 
Title Host Family Tracking Form Added8/1/2006 
Description A Copy of the Host Family Tracking Form used by the multidistrict ESSEX 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Tracking Form.xls 
Title Greivance Procedure Flowchart Added7/7/2007 
Description A very useful flowchart for resolving grievances or other issues for exchange st 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGrievance Procedure Flowchart - 2.doc 
Title District YE Chair Locator Added2/6/2007 
Description Click on the link which will take you to the RI web page and the District Youth 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDistrict YE Chair Locator.doc 
Title Keys To Success as an Exchange Student Added8/17/2006 
Description A brief Power Point presentation from District 6970 that might serve as a nice w 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title Culture Shock Added7/6/2007 
Description Powerpoint Presentation at the Ohio Erie Multi District YE Conference, July 7, 2 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCulture shock Ohio Erie.ppt 
Title STEP Application 2011 Added5/18/2011 
Description STEP Application for STEP and Camps, developed by EEMA and endorsed by NAYEN, ABIJ, Australia 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentSTEP Application EEMA Final Version 31.05.11.pdf 
Title Cultural Diversity: Training the Trainers. Added1/26/2007 
Description Text of the speech Cultural Diversity: Training the Trainers. Speech deliverd by 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentTRaining The TRainers text.doc 
Title Duties of a Youth Exchange Club Counselor (Officer) Added2/9/2007 
Description This is a Job Description for the Club YEO or Counselor, prepared by District 10 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
Document029 Duties of a Counsellor - long term Version 3.doc 
Title Final DOS Rules for Youth Exchange 11/02/10 Added1/21/2011 
Description The final published version of DOS Rules that pertain to YE. Please Note that th 
Relevance Updated1/23/2011 
Document&CSIET J-Reg Comparison - Final HS Rule rev 11-2-10.pdf 
Title Fri Workshop A.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop A.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop A.pdf 
Title Fri Workshop B.doc Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop B.doc 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop B.doc 
Title Fri Workshop B.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop B.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop B.pdf 
Title Fri Workshop C.doc Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop C.doc 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop C.doc 
Title Fri Workshop C.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Fri Workshop C.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFri Workshop C.pdf 
Title Keys to Success.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Keys to Success.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title CBC Guidance Draft Added3/25/2013 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Title Template of Letter to COL Representatives Added3/8/2013 
Description Template of a letter to COL Representatives from NAYEN, for any YEOs 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentLetter template v3.doc 
Title Rotary Youth Exchange Jeopardy Added3/17/2013 
Description A Powerpoint presentation for a simulation of the television game Jeopardy from District6380. It can be adapted to any specific district or country. Thanks to Dan Zimolzak  
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Document6380 Beginning JEOPARDY2.ppt 
Title Proposals for the 2013 Council on Legislation that have impact on Youth Exchange Added2/27/2013 
Description A list of proposals for the 2013 Council on Legislation that would have an impact on Rotary Youth Exchange. Key passages are highlighted in yellow. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentRI Council on Legislation 2013 - Proposals Highlighted.pdf 
Title List of Representatives to the 2013 Council on Legislation Added2/27/2013 
Description Names and districts of the representatives to the 2013 Rotary Council on Legislation 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Document2013 Rep List.doc 
Title Proposed Legislation for the 2013 Council on Legislation that Impacts RYE Added2/27/2013 
Description Drafts of the proposals of the 2013 Council on Legislation that will have an impact on Youth Exchange 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Documentcol13 proposed legislation en - RYE.pdf 
Title NGE Changes Added2/7/2013 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentNGE CHANGES.docx 
Title LTEP Application from NAYEN Added11/17/2013 
Description LTEP Application developed by NAYEN and endorsed by ABIJ, Australia and EEMA. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentLTEP Application 2013 revised.pdf 
Title 2012 Pre-convention Findings Report Added7/25/2012 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Document2012 Pre-Convention Findings.doc 
Title Friday - CBC Kalter.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday - CBC Kalter.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday - CBC Kalter.pps 
Title Friday - CBC Kalter.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday - CBC Kalter.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday - CBC Kalter.ppt 
Title Friday CBC Kalter.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday CBC Kalter.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday CBC Kalter.pdf 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pdf 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.pps 
Title Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday ESSEX CBC Brronson.ppt 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.pdf 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.pps 
Title Friday Regs Bronson.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Regs Bronson.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Regs Bronson.ppt 
Title Friday Viana.pps Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Viana.pps 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Viana.pps 
Title Friday Viana.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Friday Viana.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentFriday Viana.ppt 
Title TV Ad.wmv Added3/18/2007 
Description TV Ad.wmv 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentTV Ad.wmv 
Title Generic Host Family Application Instructions Added11/23/2010 
Description Document developed for SCRYE made available to all 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHF App YEO Instructions Multi NAYEN 11_20_10.pdf 
Title The Rotary Youth Exchange Catalyst Added2/18/2013 
Description Hoe Rotary Youth Exchange was a life-changing experience for one student 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentThe RYE Catalyst.docx 
Title American Cultural Values Added3/9/2008 
Description Presentation on American Cultural Values given to Inbound students at District 6 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentAmerican Culural VAlues.ppt 
Title Cultural Awareness in Youth Exchange Added1/19/2008 
Description A Powerpoint presentation on common cultural issues relates to Youth Exchange. P 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCultural awareness in Youth Exchange.ppt 
Title A Study Guide for Dances With Wolves Added1/19/2008 
Description A set of questions that help analyze this film from the point of intercultural l 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentA Study Guide for Dances With Wolves.doc 
Title A Study Guide for Mr. Baseball Added1/19/2008 
Description A set of questions that analyzes the film Mr. Baseball from the point of view of 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentA Study Guide for Mr. Baseball.doc 
Title A Study Guide for My Big Fat Greek Wedding Added1/19/2008 
Description A set of questions that analyzes this film from the point of view of intercultur 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentA Study Guide to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.doc 
Title A Study Guide for The Terminal Added1/19/2008 
Description A set of study questions for the film The Terminal, analyzing the film from the 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentA Study Guide to The Terminal.doc 
Title Promotional Poster Added5/4/2008 
Description A new and updated version of a promotional poster for Youth Exchange, courtesy o 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Club Letter to U S Senators and Representatives Added5/17/2010 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentClub Letter to U S Senators and Representatives.doc 
Title Draft of the YE Global Service Project Proposal Added6/1/2010 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDraft of the YE Global Project2.pdf 
Title Termination of Exchange Agreement Added7/15/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title American Cultural Values 08 Added7/13/2008 
Description Presentation on American Cultural Values given by Dennis White at the Central St 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Documentam cult val central states 08.ppt 
Title STEP Application EEMA 2011 Added4/21/2011 
Description The final STEP Application, developed by EEMA and approved by NAYEN, ABIJ and Australia 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentSTEP Application EEMA April 2011.pdf 
Title Outbound Exchange Student, Definition Added9/13/2010 
Description Definition of an Outbound Student used by D 5010. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentOutbound Exchange Student Descr..doc 
Title Guidelines for New Generations Exchanges Added9/24/2008 
Description An explanation of the guidelines for conducting New Generations Exchanges 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentNGE Guideline Ind and Group.pdf 
Title Host Family & Counselor Handbook Added1/15/2009 
Description Handbook given to host families at District host family and counselor training 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHostFamilyHandbook09 5240 WordDoc.doc 
Title STEP Application (Without Camps section) 2011 Added5/18/2011 
Description STEP Application developed by EEMA for STEP only, not including Camps. Endorsed by NAYEN, ABIJ and Australia  
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentSTEP Application EEMA 3.1 May 2011 (STEP only).pdf 
Title Reflections on Rebounding Added1/21/2012 
Description Some discussion questions for Rebounds 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentReflections on Rebounding.doc 
Title 2009 District's 5220 & WESSEX Short Term Exchange Program With Germany Added12/28/2008 
Description Summer 2009 Rotary District's 5220 Short Term Exchange between Germany and WESSE 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title NGE Application May 2011 Added5/18/2011 
Description NGE Application developed by EEMA and endorsed by NAYEN, ABIJ, Australia 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentNGE Application EEMA Final Version May 2011.pdf 
Title How to Lead a Discussion with Reboounds/Parents Added1/22/2012 
Description Discussion guidelines for facilittion Rebound Discussions at CSRYE Summer Conference 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Documentrebound disc. guidelines - Gr. Rapids.doc 
Title Barnga - A Simulation Game Added1/16/2009 
Description A Card Game simulation that teaches the experience of dealing with hidden rules 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Title Everything You Wanted To Know About Cultural Training...But Were Afraid To Ask Added6/19/2009 
Description Presentation on resources for cultural training of YE students delivered at 2009 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentEverything You.ppt 
Title Youth Exchange Brochure - Added2/14/2009 
Description 3-fold color Microsoft Word document describing the program, customizable to you 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title RI Code of Policies on Travel Added12/1/2009 
Description New policies for districts regarding youth travel 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRI Code of Policies onTravel.doc 
Title HUMAN BINGO Added5/18/2009 
Description A bingo game that RYE & Interact students play at the District Conference. 
Relevance Updated12/20/2010 
DocumentBingo Cards.doc 
Title  Orientation and Student Handbook Added1/19/2012 
Description Orientation and Student Handbook 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentOutbound Orientation Handbook 2011-2012.docx 
Title Travel Policy Added10/8/2009 
Description Inbound travel policy 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentTravel Policy 0808.pdf 
Title Post Exchange Eval Survey - Host Family Added11/10/2009 
Description Survey form for Host Families to complete following an exchange 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentHost Family EVAL frm 09.doc 
Title Host Family Application/Affidavit Added11/12/2009 
Description Computer fill-in form for Host Family to apply for hosting and their Background 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGeneric Host Family Affidavit-EN_Rev709 Fill.pdf 
Title Rules and Conditions of Exchange D. 2240 Added12/1/2009 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRules and Conditions of Exchange in District - 2240 ver. 2009-10.pdf 
Title Rules ofTravel D. 2240 Added12/1/2009 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRules of Travelling in D2240 - 2009-10.pdf 
Title Travel Policy D 4110 Added12/1/2009 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Request for Student Travel, D. 5160 Added12/1/2009 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document(RST) Request for Student Travel D5160, Fillable, v2.6.doc 
Title Guidelines from RI regarding Exchange Agreements Added12/15/2009 
Description RI Code of Policies and suggested guidelines for developing exchange agreements 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentRI suggestions.pdf 
Title Sample Exchange Agreement from RYE FLorida Added12/15/2009 
Description Sample of Exchange Agreement used by RYE Florida Multi-district 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentExchange Agreement florida.doc 
Title Web site for Swiss Short Term Youth Exchange Programs Added3/7/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title By-laws for North American Youth Exchange Network Amended 1/13/2010 Added2/9/2010 
Description By-laws for North American Youth Exchange Network Amended 1/13/2010 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Title The Rotary Youth Exchange Experience Added5/2/2010 
Description Powerpoint of the basics of Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock in English a 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Rotary Youth Exchange Experience.ppt 
Title Powerpoint to Assist Clubs with YE Added9/16/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentPowerpoint to assist clubs with YE.ppt 
Title Generic Host Family Interview Added11/23/2010 
Description From SCRYE 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHF INTerview Multi NAYEN 11_20_10 Fill-in.pdf 
Title Generic Host Family Application Added11/23/2010 
Description From SCRYE 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Family Application Multi NAYEN 11_20_10 Fill-in.pdf 
Title Student Provided Potential Host Family Form Added1/18/2012 
Description Form for LT students to note their host family referrals for their club and district committee use. Also has HF role. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Title Guidelines for STEP Added4/21/2011 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentNGE Guideline Individual + Group 04.doc 
Title Study guide for DOS online exam Added5/4/2011 
Description The DOS regulations that may be included in the online exam are highlighted in bold print. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentDOS regulations study guide.doc 
Title Post-exchange Survey Cover Letter  Added8/28/2013 
Description The letter that goes to districts explaining the Student Post Exchange Survey Results 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentA - Survey Cover Letter.pdf 
Title Post Exchange Survey Global Results Added8/28/2013 
Description A Summary of the Student Post Exchange Survey for the entire world 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentB - Survey Results - Global.pdf 
Title Introverts and Extroverts Added2/14/2016 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentIntroverts and Extoverts.ppt 
Title Long Term Effects of Youth Exchange Survey Added2/28/2014 
Description A survey former exchange students can complete to document the long term effects of their exchange year. 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Documentlong term effects survey revised 12-09-13.doc