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Title Host Family Recruitment Added7/4/2004 
Description The successful recruitment of qualified host families is a constant, ongoing pro 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
Title Host Family Survival Kit Added1/20/2007 
Description A classic, reader-friendly guide to host families available at Intercultural Pre 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
Title Inbound Emergency Contact Form Added10/30/2005 
Description An inbound Emergency Congtact Form given to all Inbound Students in District 715 
Relevance Updated12/20/2010 
Title RYE Data Base Added11/21/2007 
Description Explanation by Philippe Caron, Chairman D1620 Belgium, on complete program docum 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRYE Data Base.ppt 
Title Vision Statement Added9/9/2007 
Description A worksheet for developing a vision statement for Youth Exchange 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentVision statement.doc 
Title New Host Family Application (Dist 6970) Added3/27/2006 
Description An example of a redesigned Host Family Application, including information and re 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Waiver/Consent/Release Document ESSEX Added6/6/2006 
Description The Volunteer Waiver/Release/Consent Dcument used by ESSEX 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentWaiver, Consent, Release ESSEX .doc 
Title Host Family Tracking Form Added8/1/2006 
Description A Copy of the Host Family Tracking Form used by the multidistrict ESSEX 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Tracking Form.xls 
Title District YE Chair Locator Added2/6/2007 
Description Click on the link which will take you to the RI web page and the District Youth 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDistrict YE Chair Locator.doc 
Title Essex Inbound Identification Card Added12/20/2006 
Description An example of a US State Department-accepted Inbound Identity Card 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentID Card NewA.doc 
Title  Added2/6/2007 
Description We often refer to the  
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentYE - Discussion Topics for RBs and Parents 070205rev.doc 
Title Duties of a Youth Exchange Club Counselor (Officer) Added2/9/2007 
Description This is a Job Description for the Club YEO or Counselor, prepared by District 10 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
Document029 Duties of a Counsellor - long term Version 3.doc 
Title Certification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Certification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCertification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf 
Title Generic Host Family Application Instructions Added11/23/2010 
Description Document developed for SCRYE made available to all 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHF App YEO Instructions Multi NAYEN 11_20_10.pdf 
Title Early Return Sample Release letter Added7/14/2010 
Description Release of obligation of club for students who travel or leave early to travel w 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentEarly Return Student Signature Sample.doc 
Title Host Family & Counselor Handbook Added1/15/2009 
Description Handbook given to host families at District host family and counselor training 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHostFamilyHandbook09 5240 WordDoc.doc 
Title District 5220 Youth Exchange Youth Volunteer Affidavit Added12/28/2008 
Description Youth Volunteer Affidavit 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentVolunteer Affidavit.pdf 
Title Host Family Application/Affidavit Added11/12/2009 
Description Computer fill-in form for Host Family to apply for hosting and their Background 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGeneric Host Family Affidavit-EN_Rev709 Fill.pdf 
Title Rotary Volunteer Application/Affidavit Added11/12/2009 
Description Computer Fill-in application for Rotary Volunteers and to do Background Checks 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentGeneric Youth Volunteer Affidavit-EN_Rev709 Fill.pdf 
Title Guidelines from RI regarding Exchange Agreements Added12/15/2009 
Description RI Code of Policies and suggested guidelines for developing exchange agreements 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentRI suggestions.pdf 
Title District Crisis Management Team Template Added3/19/2010 
Description A template for a District Crisis Management Team. Components include an organiza 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDistrict Crisis Plan 022710.doc 
Title Generic Host Family Interview Added11/23/2010 
Description From SCRYE 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHF INTerview Multi NAYEN 11_20_10 Fill-in.pdf 
Title Generic Host Family Application Added11/23/2010 
Description From SCRYE 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Family Application Multi NAYEN 11_20_10 Fill-in.pdf