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Title One World ... or Many? Added6/17/2004 
Description A presentation of the concept of developing intercultural sensitivity by moving 
Relevanceall Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentOne World or Many.doc 
Title The Values Americans Live By Added6/17/2004 
Description A presentation of thirteen core values that Americans live by. These values were 
RelevanceAll Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Values Americans Live By.doc 
Title Seven Lessons We Can Learn Added6/17/2004 
Description A short presentaton of seven lessons that can usually be presented for discussio 
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Documentseven lessons we can learn.doc 
Title The Middle Wave of Culture Shock Added6/17/2004 
Description For Youth Exchange students arriving in August, There is a potentially dificult 
RelevanceAll Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Middle Wave of Culture Shock.doc 
Title Survival Kit For Overseas Living Added6/17/2004 
Description A classic text for anyone from America going to live, study or work in another c 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title The Broken Squares Exercise Added6/17/2004 
Description This is a brief human relations exercise that has some special rules. In the exe 
RelevanceAnyone Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentBroken Squares.doc 
Title Intercultural Press Added7/12/2004 
Description One of the most comprehensive sources of books, videotapes and exercises in inte 
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Title Rotary Youth Exchange -- Club Presentation Added3/27/2007 
Description The attached presentation was developed uniquely for one club. It incorporates n 
Relevance Updated1/12/2011 
DocumentYE -- Club Presentation by JPromish 070326.ppt 
Title Understanding American Cultural Values Added11/8/2004 
Description Slides from a Powerpoint presentation explaining American Cultural Values. This 
Relevanceanyone Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentAmerican VAlues.ppt 
Title Host Family Survival Kit Added1/20/2007 
Description A classic, reader-friendly guide to host families available at Intercultural Pre 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
Title The Inbound Syndrome Added2/1/2005 
Description A discussion of the pros and cons of Inbound gatherings and interactions during 
RelevanceYEOs Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Inbound Syndrome revised.doc 
Title Inbound Orientation in D4550 Added11/21/2007 
Description James Riordan, Inbound YEO, outlines inbound orientation in D4550 
Relevance Updated12/20/2010 
DocumentStrangers in a Strange Land.ppt 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Added6/20/2005 
Description Text of speech given by Dennis White at the YEO Pre-Convention meeting, 6/17/05, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural Differences - YEO Preconference.doc 
Title Understanding Culltural Differences Added6/20/2005 
Description Power Point Slides for Speech given by Dennis White at the YEO Pre-Convention Me 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Documentunderstanding cultural differences.ppt 
Title Training Club Counselors Added6/28/2005 
Description 2005 pre-Convention workshop presentation regarding the training of club counsel 
Relevance Updated1/12/2011 
DocumentYE - Training Club Counselors 17Jun05.doc 
Title Being the Best Snowman You Can Be Added7/11/2005 
Description Speech by Paige Weting, former Youth Exchange Student, YEO and District Chair, d 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentGR Speech Final version.doc 
Title SWOT Analysis Worksheet Added9/9/2007 
Description A worksheet for completing a SWOT Analysis for YE 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title SWOT Directions Added9/9/2007 
Description Directions and suggestions for completing the SWOT Analysis for YE 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSWOT Analysis directions.doc 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Text of Speech Added9/3/2005 
Description Text of the speech on Understanding Cultural differences by Dennis White, delive 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural differences eema.doc 
Title Simulation Scripts for Cross Cultural Activities Added2/20/2006 
Description An Exercise with sample scripts for cross-cultural simulations. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentCross-cultural simulation scripts.doc 
Title Six Phases of Debriefing Simluations Added2/21/2006 
Description Discussion guidelines for debriefing simulations and other games. 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSix Phases of Debriefing.doc 
Title Simulation Resources Added2/21/2006 
Description A list of simulation games related to cultural understaning, including sources, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSimulation Games.doc 
Title Training YEOs in Cultural Sensitivity Added9/16/2007 
Description A Powerpoint presentation on what YEOs need to know about cultural sensitivity, 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentTraining the YEO.ppt 
Title Understanding American Cultural Values Added3/21/2006 
Description Powerpoint presentation by Dennis White made at the WCSS/IEC Convention, Madison 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentAmerican Culural VAlues 03-20-06.ppt 
Title Affidavit of Club Compliance Added3/21/2006 
Description This provides clubs with a vehicle to indicate to the district committee that th 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentAffidavit of Compliance.doc 
Title Understanding Culture differences in Mexico Added6/2/2007 
Description Contains a brief explanation of the diffrerent Cultures that exist in Mexico 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title New Host Family Application (Dist 6970) Added3/27/2006 
Description An example of a redesigned Host Family Application, including information and re 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title Ohio-Erie Host Familiy Application Added3/27/2006 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentO-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix A-1 2006-02-11.doc 
Title O-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy Added4/2/2006 
Description Ohio-Erie's submisison to RI 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentO-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy 2006-03-16.doc 
Title O-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix A Added4/2/2006 
Description O-E submission to RI-Volunteer Applicaiton 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentO-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix A 2006-02-11.doc 
Title O-E Host Family Application Added4/2/2006 
Description O-E submission to RI-Host Family Application Please Note that this was a duplica 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document&O-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix A-1 2006-02-11.doc 
Title O-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix B Added4/2/2006 
Description O-E submission to RI-Reporting Guidelines 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentO-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy - Appendix B 2006-02-10.doc 
Title O-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy-Appendix B1 Added4/2/2006 
Description O-E submission to Ri-Contact information brochure 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentO-E Sexual Abuse & Harassment Policy - Appendix B-1 2006-02-10.doc 
Title Games, Simulations and Other Training Exercises Added1/18/2007 
Description A Powerpoint Presenttion on games and other simulations, all relating to cross-c 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGames, Simulations and Other Learning Exercises.ppt 
Title Some Films That Present Differences In Cultural Values Added1/18/2007 
Description A partial list of popular films that depict varous aspects of cultural differenc 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentSome Films That Present Differences in Cultural Values.doc 
Title Host Family Tracking Form Added8/1/2006 
Description A Copy of the Host Family Tracking Form used by the multidistrict ESSEX 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHost Tracking Form.xls 
Title Greivance Procedure Flowchart Added7/7/2007 
Description A very useful flowchart for resolving grievances or other issues for exchange st 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentGrievance Procedure Flowchart - 2.doc 
Title Keys To Success as an Exchange Student Added8/17/2006 
Description A brief Power Point presentation from District 6970 that might serve as a nice w 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title Text of speech on Culture Shock Added7/6/2007 
Description Text of speech on Culture Shock given at Ohio Erie Multi District conference, Ju 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Document&culture shock.doc 
Title Essex Inbound Identification Card Added12/20/2006 
Description An example of a US State Department-accepted Inbound Identity Card 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentID Card NewA.doc 
Title Duties of a Youth Exchange Club Counselor (Officer) Added2/9/2007 
Description This is a Job Description for the Club YEO or Counselor, prepared by District 10 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
Document029 Duties of a Counsellor - long term Version 3.doc 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences DVD Added3/12/2007 
Description A 40-minute DVD featuring Dr. Dennis White. The DVD is a presentation recorded a 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding Cultural Difference DVD.doc 
Title Certification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf Added3/18/2007 
Description Certification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
DocumentCertification Best Practices - Malmo.pdf 
Title Keys to Success.ppt Added3/18/2007 
Description Keys to Success.ppt 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentKeys to Success.ppt 
Title Recruitment Students and Hosts - Malmo.doc Added3/18/2007 
Description Recruitment Students and Hosts - Malmo.doc 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentRecruitment Students and Hosts - Malmo.doc 
Title Rotary Youth Exchange Jeopardy Added3/17/2013 
Description A Powerpoint presentation for a simulation of the television game Jeopardy from District6380. It can be adapted to any specific district or country. Thanks to Dan Zimolzak  
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Document6380 Beginning JEOPARDY2.ppt 
Title A Study Guide for Dances With Wolves Added1/19/2008 
Description A set of questions that help analyze this film from the point of intercultural l 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentA Study Guide for Dances With Wolves.doc 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Added5/2/2008 
Description Powerpoint given at District 5580 District Governor's Conference, Dickinson, Nor 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentUnderstanding cultural differences 4-a.ppt 
Title Quick Start Guide for Clubs Interested in Youth Exchange Added9/19/2010 
Description This is an unlocked, editable copy of a guide to clubs interested in starting to 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentQuick Start Guide for Participating Clubs - Unlocked Copy.doc 
Title Text for Powerpoint Added9/5/2008 
Description This is a word-by-word narrative that can be used with the powerpoint CD "Teachi 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentText for popular films.doc 
Title Host Family & Counselor Handbook Added1/15/2009 
Description Handbook given to host families at District host family and counselor training 
Relevance Updated12/19/2010 
DocumentHostFamilyHandbook09 5240 WordDoc.doc 
Title Club Sponsor family interview form Added1/19/2010 
Description Provides a Rotary Club member unfamiliar with Youth Exchange a format to conduct 
Relevance Updated12/16/2010 
Documentfamily interv questions generic.doc 
Title District 5220 Youth Exchange Youth Volunteer Affidavit Added12/28/2008 
Description Youth Volunteer Affidavit 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentVolunteer Affidavit.pdf 
Title HUMAN BINGO Added5/18/2009 
Description A bingo game that RYE & Interact students play at the District Conference. 
Relevance Updated12/20/2010 
DocumentBingo Cards.doc 
Title Rotary Bingo Added5/14/2009 
Description Great ice breaker game between students and Rotarians for District Conferences o 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Title  Orientation and Student Handbook Added1/19/2012 
Description Orientation and Student Handbook 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentOutbound Orientation Handbook 2011-2012.docx 
Title Rotary Volunteer Application/Affidavit Added11/12/2009 
Description Computer Fill-in application for Rotary Volunteers and to do Background Checks 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentGeneric Youth Volunteer Affidavit-EN_Rev709 Fill.pdf 
Title The Inbound Syndrome Added11/20/2009 
Description Powerpoint presentation on the phenomenon of Inbound Bonding, or The Inbound Syn 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Inbound Syndrome.ppt 
Title Text for speech on the Inbound Syndrome Added11/20/2009 
Description Test for presentation at Brasilian YE Conference, Nov. 2009 by Dennis White 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentText for speech on The Inbound Syndrome.doc 
Title District Crisis Management Team Template Added3/19/2010 
Description A template for a District Crisis Management Team. Components include an organiza 
Relevance Updated12/18/2010 
DocumentDistrict Crisis Plan 022710.doc 
Title flash card samples for HF training Added2/23/2016 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
Documentsample flash cards.pptx 
Title The Rotary Youth Exchange Experience Added5/2/2010 
Description Powerpoint of the basics of Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock in English a 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentThe Rotary Youth Exchange Experience.ppt 
Title Understanding Cultural Differences Australia Added10/8/2010 
Description Powerpoint of presentation on cultural differeniaces presented at Australian YEO 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
Documentucd aus final long.ppt 
Title Powerpoint to Assist Clubs with YE Added9/16/2010 
Relevance Updated12/30/2010 
DocumentPowerpoint to assist clubs with YE.ppt 
Title Introverts and Extroverts Added2/14/2016 
Relevance Updated00/00/00 
DocumentIntroverts and Extoverts.ppt